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Grow Mushrooms with Ease


Choosing the right mushroom substrate and getting the perfect substrate recipe is one of the most important aspects of mushroom cultivation.


Beginners will quickly realize that growing mushrooms is different than growing plants. Although the concept of a mushroom substrate can be thought of as somewhat similar to the soil for a plant, the way that mushrooms exactly use a substrate is different, and needs to be fully understood by the mushroom cultivator in order to achieve exceptional results.


Our Sterile Mushroom Substrates are rigorously tested through scientific experiments to ensure success across a wide range of cultivated mushroom species. Choose premium sterilized substrate bags, ready for inoculation with spores or grain spawn. Our Sterile Mushroom Substrates are perfect for organic mushroom cultivation. Shop compact Sterilized Substrate Bags today!


At Myterra Labs, we offer you superior mushroom substrate bags and grains at affordable prices. We aim to provide everything you need to grow your own edible mushrooms at home or business! Contact us for top quality Sterile Mushroom Substrates.


Prevent Mushroom Contamination


Contamination of the mushroom growing process can occur in different ways. The most common contaminants are yeast cultures and bacteria, although other chemical contaminants may affect mushroom growth as well.


Contamination of the growing medium can reduce the nutrient content available for mushrooms or break down the mushrooms themselves so they begin to decay. If you are growing edible mushrooms, bacterial growth can harm your health if you consume a mushroom grown in the contaminated medium.


One effective way to prevent contamination is to sterilize the mushroom growing medium properly that you use. Sterilizing the mushroom growth medium kills any potential biological contaminants before your mushrooms begin to grow.


Why Grow Mushrooms?


  • It’s really a fun and you will get natural produce.
  • You can reduce waste by only choosing what you need when you need it.
  • You can eat your favorite varieties of mushrooms.
  • Amazing project for your kids.


Choose our Sterilized Substrate Bags and start cultivating mushrooms with us! Deciding how to use your mushroom substrate depends on the species you want to cultivate and the cultivation medium you have. Feel free to contact us anytime to know more about our scientifically tested, lab-grade mushroom substrates.


Life Cycle of Mushrooms

  • Mushroom releases countless tiny spores.
  • The spores meet compatible spores, germinate and grow thread-like structures called hyphae.
  • Hyphae combine together to form mycelium.
  • A hyphae knot forms that grows into a pinhead and then into a mushroom.


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Ensure High Yield with Sterilized Mushroom Substrate Bags


We know that good harvest starts with premium spawn and substrates in which to grow mushrooms. A substrate is a bulk material that the mushroom mycelium can use for energy and nutrition. A good substrate is required in order for the mushroom to grow properly and to fruit naturally.


General substrate recipes for growing mushrooms often involve straw or hardwood sawdust, although there are many other better options to be considered. The mushroom substrate needs to be prepared by adding sufficient water, adding additional nutrition, and further processed by sterilization.


When ready to use, it can be “Innoculated”, wherein broken pieces of mycelium-covered grain, also known as grain spawn, are evenly mixed into the substrate. Under the proper conditions, the mycelium will start to grow, devouring and decomposing the material in a process known as “colonization.”


All natural mushrooms are ready to fruit once the substrate is fully colonized- meaning it has been consolidated and encompassed by the mycelium.


At Myterra Labs we always want to make sure our customers needs are met. Mushroom substrates need to be free of contaminants. Our Sterilized Substrate Bags eliminate living organisms within the substrate. Shop lab-tested Mushroom Substrate Bags to grow your own mushrooms at home or business with confidence.