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Recommended Mushroom growing kit

Premium Mushroom Growing Kit.

Recommended mushroom growing kit 2023


We help people to grow their own natural edible and medicinal mushrooms hassle-free with our lab-tested sterilized, recommended mushroom growing kit. Our top quality substrate provides mushrooms with the essential nutrients, moisture and energy they need to grow and fruit. Shop sterilized mushroom substrate bags with us!


In addition to the exceptional positive environmental impacts of mycelium (soil nutrient cycling, bioremediation) the potential for mushrooms to enhance health and wellness and become a sustainable meat alternative are real drivers of what we do.


Are you ready to use sterilized premium mushroom substrate? Choose one of the recommended Mushroom Grow Kit to grow mushrooms successfully with our sterilzed substrate. We package all substrates in top quality air tight packaging to retain the right moisture content of the substrate. Ensure faster colonization with us!


Maximize Your Mushroom Growing Kit Yield


If you are going to dip your toes into growing mushrooms, want to feel the whole mushroom cultivation process before growing, or looking to grow mushrooms quickly, buy a recommended mushroom growing kit. 

Just open the box, put sterilized substrate, mist regularly, and you have mushrooms fruiting on your kitchen shelf in no time. Our recommended mushroom grow kits are amazing activity for your household and make interesting home decor. Speed up your mushroom growing process with the Best Mushroom Grow Kit.

At Myterra Labs, we strive to make the world of mushrooms accessible to all. Our mushroom substrate blends are designed, tested and refined at our in-house laboratory. Shop sterilized substrate with us!

recommended mushroom growing kit

recommended mushroom growing kit

Exceptional Service


Myterra Labs is your trusted source for the highest quality mushroom substrates and growing supplies on the market. We seal and package all of our premium products in a HEPA-filtered clean room to ensure a sterile product that can be used in sterile laboratories.


We are committed to the environment and sustainability, and make all necessary effort to provide organic, natural, non-GMO, and locally sourced materials. With highly experienced mycologists and a team of mushroom experts, we can provide you with excellent customer service. Grow any mushroom, at any scale with the best mushroom growing kit.


Customer satisfaction is our priority and we are fortunate to have experienced mycologists leading research and development, plus highly trained lab technicians overseeing our spawn and substrate production, and in-house laboratory. Grow organic mushrooms with us!


Harvest Your Mushrooms


Grow your own gourmet mushrooms at home or business with our easy to use mushroom growing kits. From sterilized substrate, fresh spawn and comprehensive guide, you will be an expert in fungiculture in no time!


We make mushroom growing easy for all and help both new and experienced mushroom growers expand their fungal horizons. Choosing the right mushroom substrate can make or break any mushroom growing project – whether you are a beginner or a well-established mushroom growing business. Use compact mushroom growing kit to increase your mushroom production.


Growing mushrooms on a substrate is like growing plants in soil. It is here that your mycelium will obtain all of the essential nutrients it needs to grow beautiful mushrooms.


Our professionals will continue to push the boundaries and innovate in this industry so everyone can experience the joy of growing their own mushrooms at home with one of the best mushroom growing kit. Regardless of whether you are an experienced commercial mushroom grower or a beginner, our team is always ready to assist you on your mushroom growing journey.



recommended mushroom growing kit

recommended mushroom growing kit

Why Substrate Sterilization is Important?


Mushroom substrates must be nutrient-rich and moist. Unfortunately, moulds and bacteria also thrive in these conditions. Because these contaminants grow faster than the mycelium of the mushroom, something must be done to give the mushroom an advantage in the race to colonise the substrate. Make mushroom growing easy with us. Shop sterilized mushroom substrate today!