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Mushroom Grain Spawn Bags.

Whether you are a commercial mushroom grower or a hobbyist looking to climb the ranks of the farming industry, our mushroom grain spawn bags are the perfect solution for producing the highest quality mushrooms at a scale that suits you best. From small scale home growing to large scale commercial farms, we have something to delight all. Shop superior Mushroom Spawn Bags with us!


What is Mushroom Spawn?


Mushroom spawn is any substance that has been inoculated with mycelium, the vegetative growth of a fungus. Mycelium is a thread-like collection of cells required to have one as the base for producing the other. The spawn is used to transfer mycelium onto any material from which mushrooms will grow successfully, called a substrate.


The spawn is used to spread out bits of mycelium into its final habitat where it can properly grow, colonize, digest food and ultimately fruit. To make spawn, we incubate top quality mushroom strains in our laboratory, then grow them into different forms for your use. Inoculate your substrate with ready to use grain spawn – perfect for people exploring the world of mycology. Shop sterilized Mushroom Spawn Bags with us!



Why Use Grain Spawn?


Grain spawn is a superb choice for inoculating all types of indoor mushroom growing set-ups, and grain provides essential nutrition for the growing fungus than sawdust does. Grain spawn contains immense energy for the mycelium to consume. It is considered as the rocket fuel for mushroom growth.


Mother Nature works her real magic using spores but in a controlled environment you need to manage things in your favour by using top quality grains so you are doing your best to ensure success in mushroom production. Grain spawn is added into a bulk substrate which is colonized by the mycelium culture. Once ready it will begin to convert the energy from within the bulk substrate into mushrooms.


Rye is one of the best grains for growing mushrooms; the small kernel size means there is broad surface area for the mycelium to grow when it is placed into top quality Sterile Mushroom Substrates. Grow your own edible mushrooms at home or business with our compact Mushroom Spawn Bags.


Quality Grain Spawn for All


Growing mushrooms has never been simpler with our superior grain spawn. Our grains are produced and stored within optimal conditions in unique breathable bags, ensuring top quality grains – ready to inoculate your substrate of choice.


Explore our selection of grain spawns for a premium selection of mushrooms. All our products have been developed and tested in the lab to ensure our products are of superior quality. Buy Mushroom Spawn Bags online now!


Why Grain Spawn Sterilization is Important?


Grain spawn is nutritious- full of starch and sugars. When properly hydrated, it serves as a super food for mushroom mycelium.


Unfortunately, this is also perfect growing environment for mold and bacteria which in most cases can grow much faster and stronger than mushroom mycelium. For that reason, the grain must be sterilized properly in order to kill off any mold spores.

All mushroom grain spawn is tested for quality and is generally considered the best spawn available today. Our selected spawns are fast colonizers, and provide exceptional results in terms of yield and shelf life. Explore our Mushroom Spawn Bags today!


Mushroom Grain Spawn Bags by Myterra Labs

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High Quality Mushroom Grain Spawn Bags


Grain spawn is perfect for mushroom growing at home. Do you want to grow oyster mushrooms at home? experience higher yield, try our high quality mushroom grain spawn bags. Oyster mushrooms are a perfect choice to mushroom cultivation for beginners because they are one of the simplest types of mushrooms to grow efficiently.


Mushrooms are delicious and pleasant in appearance as they fruit. The oyster grain spawn produces exceptional fruiting bodies, has a quick spawn run, and yields mushrooms with a superb color that is engaging when young.


Myterra Labs mushroom grain spawn bags are cultured and inoculated in the clean rooms and laboratory. At Myterra Labs, we handle every step of the process - from tissue culture, to agar, to grain sterilization. The grain spawn you are buying is exactly the same product we use for our own mushroom farm. Grow any mushroom, at any scale with our unique and compact Mushroom Spawn Bags. Shop top quality grain spawns online with us!