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Grow Your Own Mushrooms with Mushroom Fruiting Chambers


If you are interested in growing your own food or if you have been maintaining a home garden, then you surely have wondered about growing mushrooms at home. Mushrooms aren’t your backyard garden plant and usually are grown indoors or in containers. However, growing them for food is a superb option as they are low in calories and fat, high in potassium and fibers.

How do you go about growing your mushrooms at home? Growing mushrooms at home is easy and the results are amazing when you use our top quality mushroom fruiting chamber. Instead of inoculating mason jars or planting spores on logs, growing mushrooms in fruiting chambers is highly efficient, guaranteeing maximum yields.

Our Mushroom Fruiting Chamber is well-designed for growing mushroom under controlled temperature, light and humidity conditions. The growing levels within the mushroom chamber offer exceptional growing space with the smallest foot print possible. Contact our professionals for your specific growing needs and our highly trained staff will ensure you receive the right product and options for mushroom cultivation.


Environment for Mushroom Growth


There is no need to be in the dark to grow mushrooms. The keys to growing mushrooms indoors are establishing the right growing conditions and acquiring mushroom spawn, which is the material used to cultivate mushrooms.


Mushrooms prefer cool, dark places, with moist growing conditions. They require temperatures averaging 57 °F , with no heat spots. Growing mushrooms indoors in a controlled environment can often be the simplest and most successful method. Some mushrooms grow well in different mediums, and others need specific types of growing mediums.


For example, they may prefer to be grown on composted manure, hardwood sawdust, cardboard or straw. Oyster mushrooms can be grown on straw in containers, mono tubs, or fruiting containers.


Start Cultivating Mushrooms Indoors


We believe that natural mushrooms are the future. Our mission with the fruiting chamber is to provide everyone the ability to grow whatever strain of mushrooms you pick, simply and easily. Our easy to use mushroom fruiting chamber is a system that is perfect for either a novice grower or someone who is a professional.


Simply place your order and your premium mushroom fruiting container will be delivered to your door.


Why You Should Choose Mushroom Fruiting Chambers?


Mushrooms are really magical. Mushrooms belong in a kingdom of their own, separate from plants and animals. They also have many exceptional health benefits, like vitamin B and selenium, which can help improve your immune system, and can even help clean up toxic waste.


Professional gardeners and newbies alike can have fun with a mushroom fruiting container. It’s quite easy, low maintenance, and offers you a chance to connect with your food in a whole new way. Mushroom cultivation is also a fun project for your kids who will have a deep learning about the science behind the whole growing process.

Another advantage of getting a mushroom fruiting container is how much money you will save. Mushrooms can cost a pretty penny. But you can simply give your wallet a break by growing your own fresh mushrooms at home. You will be saving your hard-earned money while still adding all natural and fresh mushrooms to your kitchen shelf. Shop simple, quick, and compact Mushroom Fruiting Chambers with us today!