• Sterilized Organic Rye Grain (5 lb) - US Liquid Culture or Agar culture in Sterilized Organic Rye Grain
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    $24.00 $35.00

    Premium Sterilized Organic Rye Grain is the top choice for grain spawn in the mushroom industry, and you deserve no less. Rye grain is compatible with most mushroom species because of its high nutrient content, enhanced...

  • Bulk Organic Rye - 3 Pack (5LB x 3) Bulk Organic Rye - 3 Pack (5LB x 3)

    *Only available in the USA* Start growing more mushrooms at once to get successive harvests by choosing this bulk grain spawn option. Each bag includes an adhesive self-healing injection port. Bulk rye grain is contained...

  • Bulk Style Organic Rye Bulk Style Organic Rye

    *Only available in the USA* Unboxed Organic Rye Berries - used by professional growers in the mushroom industry to grow all varieties of mushrooms. Premium Sterilized Organic Rye Grain is the top choice for grain spawn...

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