• sterile substrate and organic rye grain Re-up bundle image sterile substrate and organic rye grain Re-up bundle detail image
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    Valued at $105! Sterile Substrate and Organic Rye Grain Re-up Bundle Restart your mushroom monotub with Myterra Labs' Re-up Bundle. Our Manure-free Sterile Substrate (M-) and Organic Rye Grain  are everything you need for the best colonization, incubation,...

  • Max Yield Bins by Myterra Labs Organic Grain Substrate
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    $65.99 $74.99

    Max Yield Bins V2 The Best Cultivation Container Available Max Yield Bins have been redesigned with a V2 tapered lid. Because of spacing of the air vents it allows for a more balanced distribution. This allows airflow...

  • Monotub mushroom grow kit image Organic Sterilized Rye Grain for Monotub Mushroom Grow Kit image
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    Valued at $189.99!  Monotub Mushroom Grow Kit FREE SHIPPING ON GROW KITS! Each kit includes: (1) Max Yield Bins Monotub  (1) Roll of 3” 3M Micropore Tape (10 yards) (2) M- Sterile Manure-free Vegan Substrate...

  • Easy Mushroom Grow Kit Easy Mushroom Grow Kit

    All-in-One Kit: Everything you need to grow your own gourmet mushrooms Grow Almost Anywhere: These mushrooms can be grown at home, in your office, outside, or in your closet. Many Varieties: Expand your palate by growing...

Best Mushroom Growing Kit 2023

Discover the joys of producing delicious mushrooms at home with our collection of premium high yielding mushroom grow kits. Our growing kit is easy-to-use and perfect for all ages.

Our kits provide everything you need to get started. There are ready to produce fresh and flavourful mushrooms in no time. Browse our selection today and start your own mushroom growing adventure!

Find the perfect kit to suit your taste and skill level. We specialize in producing high-quality grow kits that are easy to use and produce excellent results. The most important thing to consider when choosing one of our kits is the quality of the mushrooms that it produces.

With Myterra Labs' kits, you can be sure that you're getting high-quality, fresh mushrooms that are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

For more tips on growing mushrooms, click here.

 Best Mushroom Growing Kit - Myterra Labs

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