• Boomer Shroomer Inflatable Monotub Boomer Shroomer Inflatable Monotub

    The Boomer Shroomer Inflatable Monotub is an easy-to-use mushroom growing solution. Perfect for both beginners and experts, it includes all necessary filters and a monotub liner, allowing you to grow mushrooms indoors. Deflating and storing...

  • Bulk Organic Rye - 3 Pack (5LB each) Bulk Organic Rye - 3 Pack (5LB each)

    Start growing more mushrooms at once to get successive harvests by choosing this bulk grain spawn option. Each bag includes an adhesive self-healing injection port.   This bulk grain bundle also allows beginners to practice...

  • Max Yield Bins by Myterra Labs Organic Grain Substrate
    12% OFF
    $65.99 $74.99

    Max Yield Bins V2 The Best Cultivation Container Available Max Yield Bins have been redesigned with a V2 tapered lid. Because of spacing of the air vents it allows for a more balanced distribution. This allows airflow...

  • sterile substrate and organic rye grain Re-up bundle image sterile substrate and organic rye grain Re-up bundle detail image
    31% OFF
    $72.00 $105.00

    Valued at $105! Sterile Substrate and Organic Rye Grain Re-up Bundle Restart your mushroom monotub with Myterra Labs' Re-up Bundle. Our Manure-free Sterile Substrate (M-) and Organic Rye Grain  are everything you need for the best colonization, incubation,...

  • Monotub mushroom grow kit image Organic Sterilized Rye Grain for Monotub Mushroom Grow Kit image
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    $148.00 $189.99

    Valued at $189.99!  Monotub Mushroom Grow Kit FREE SHIPPING ON GROW KITS! Each kit includes: (1) Max Yield Bins Monotub  (1) Roll of 3” 3M Micropore Tape (10 yards) (2) M- Sterile Manure-free Vegan Substrate...