• Myterra Labs Mono tubs Mono tub Sleeves to help eliminate nasty messes

    *Only available in the US* Save Time and Money - Max Yield Bin Liners. Max Yield Bin liners fit perfectly inside your monotub saving you time and labor, cleaning up and preparing the bin for...

  • Max Yield Bins by Myterra Labs Max Yield Bins V2 Tapered
    12% OFF
    $65.99 $74.99

    *Only available in the US* The Best Cultivation Container Available. Max Yield Bins have been redesigned with a V2 tapered lid. The spacing of the air vents allows for a more balanced distribution of airflow. This ensures...

  • Monotub mushroom grow kit image Monotub Mushroom Grow Kit

    *Only available in the US* Each kit includes: (1) Max Yield Bins Monotub  (1) Roll of 3” 3M Micropore Tape (10 yards) (2) M- Sterile Manure-free Vegan Substrate (5 lbs each) (1) Organic Sterilized Rye Grain (5...

  • Pink Oyster Liquid Culture (10ml) - US Pink Oyster Liquid Culture (10ml) - US

    * Only available in the US* Pink Oyster mushrooms are a great beginner mushroom and easy to grow. This culture is a tropical species and prefers warmer temperatures and a higher humidity in comparison to other...

  • Shiitake Liquid Culture (10ml) - US Shiitake Liquid Culture (10ml) - US

    *Only available in the US* Advance your mushroom growing skills with shiitake mushrooms. Shiitake require an intermediate level of knowledge on mushroom growing, but are a great way to learn new skills. This is a very productive...

  • Sterilized Organic Rye Grain (5 lb) - US Liquid Culture or Agar culture in Sterilized Organic Rye Grain
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    $24.00 $35.00

    Premium Sterilized Organic Rye Grain is the top choice for grain spawn in the mushroom industry, and you deserve no less. Rye grain is compatible with most mushroom species because of its high nutrient content, enhanced...