• Max Yield Bins by Myterra Labs Max Yield Bins V2 Tapered
    12% OFF
    $65.99 $74.99

    *Only available in the US* The Best Cultivation Container Available. Max Yield Bins have been redesigned with a V2 tapered lid. The spacing of the air vents allows for a more balanced distribution of airflow. This ensures...

  • Myterra Labs Mono tubs Mono tub Sleeves to help eliminate nasty messes

    *Only available in the US* Save Time and Money - Max Yield Bin Liners. Max Yield Bin liners fit perfectly inside your monotub saving you time and labor, cleaning up and preparing the bin for...

  • 3M Micropore Tape 3" 3M Micropore Tape 3"

    *Only available in the USA* A single roll of 3M™ Micropore tape on a 3" x 10 yard roll. Micropore tape is often used as a filter on Max Yield Bins and grain spawn lids...

  • Boomer Shroomer Inflatable Monotub Boomer Shroomer Inflatable Monotub

    *Only available in the USA* The Boomer Shroomer Inflatable Monotub is an easy-to-use mushroom growing solution. Perfect for both beginners and experts, it includes all necessary filters and a monotub liner, allowing you to grow...

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