Mushrooms: a sustainable source of nutrition

Commercial sterilization of products can be:

  • Costly
  • Labour intensive
  • Time consuming
  • And requires large areas of workspace that could instead be utilized for mushroom cultivation.

Myterra Labs’ pulsating steam sterilizer is able to sterilize up to 10,000 lbs of grain or substrate with each cycle, making sterilization a breeze. Avoid the hassle of repeatedly preparing and sterilizing substrates, reduce your labour costs, and let us take care of the hard work for you.

Myterra Labs ensures sterility by sealing and packaging all sterilized products in a HEPA-filtered clean room to avoid the risk of contamination – a unique step forward in the mushroom industry.

Our experienced team of professionals provides:

  • Consultations services,
  • Substrate preparation and bagging,
  • Full sterilization of products to help your business succeed.

Mushroom cultivation is hard enough without the added stress of substrate preparation. With our sterilization services, you can shift the focus of your business back towards cultivation. Our team is adaptable and able to design our services to suit your needs.

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